Cullman Caring for Kids: Be safe when visiting food pantry

CCK staff and volunteers will bring food to the curb. Photo courtesy CCK

CULLMAN, Ala. – CCK’s food pantry will be open Wednesday morning, but will be closed Friday in observance of Good Friday. Food distribution will resume next Monday, Tuesday and Friday

If you visit to get groceries from the food pantry, CCK advises that you pull your car outside the building and pantry staff will bring food bags out to the curb. Once staffers return to the building, you will then be able to get the bags and take them with you. It is imperative that you remain in your vehicle until the bags have been brought outside. CCK Director Javon Daniel emphasized that staff and volunteers cannot hand off bags face to face or bring bags out if a person is standing outside their car.

Daniel said, “We cannot, for the safety of the staff and the people coming to the food bank, we cannot have them getting out of their cars while we are outside. They need to stay in their cars until they’re instructed to come out and load their food.”

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W.C. Mann