(Updated) Addison couple murdered, son in custody

Allen Privett (Winston County Sheriff’s Office)

Updated 12-26-19 at 3:52 p.m.

ADDISON, Ala. – The Winston County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) said two people were found dead in Addison on Christmas Eve. Their son is in custody. WCSO Chief Deputy Bryan Kirkpatrick identified the victims as Frank Privett, 71, and Rita Privett, 63.

“Their son Allen Privett, 30, was taken into custody,” said Kirkpatrick. “The investigation is being handled by our office and the Winston County District Attorney’s Office.”

Addison Police Chief Mitchell Woodard and all three of his officers responded to the scene.

“We got a call at 10 minutes after 6 from dispatch,” said Woodard. “The guy on the line said he’d shot and killed his mama and daddy. I told her to keep him on the line. When my first two officers arrived on the scene, he was standing in the yard still on the phone with his hands in the air.”

Woodard said Allen Privett was taken into custody without incident.

“We stepped in to clear the house,” said Woodard, “but it was evident there was nothing we could do, so we backed out and waited for the Winston County Sheriff’s Office and the DA’s Office. SBI was also there. We all processed the scene together.

Woodard said there was no history with the residence and his office.

“I’ve been here 25 years in June in Addison, and I’ve never responded to a call at that house,” he said. “From what we gather, there was an argument, and it escalated to what happened.”

Allen Privett is being held without bond in the Winston County Jail.

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