SIZZLIN’ SENIORS: Ladies whoop up on the men in bean bag baseball

Glin Calvert tosses a bean bag Tuesday during the Good Hope Sizzlin’ Seniors “Friendsgiving” event. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

GOOD HOPE, Ala. – The Sizzlin’ Seniors of Good Hope participated in their first “Friendsgiving” celebration Tuesday with some great food, a penny auction and a spirited double header of bean bag baseball. Similar to cornhole, bean bag baseball requires players to toss bean bags at a large board with holes labeled out, foul, single, double, triple or home run.

The Sizzlin’ Ladies of Good Hope clearly had the men of the Has-Beens outnumbered, but would that benefit them on the field? The ladies answered the question quickly, opening the game one with a home run. The Has-Beens weren’t discouraged but knew they would have to fight hard to defeat the Sizzlin’ Ladies.

At the end of the first inning, the ladies were on top 2-0. They would rally in the next few innings with a string of triples and doubles that left the room wondering if a mercy rule was in effect. In bad need of anything besides an out, the Has-Beens began heckling their own teammates as they stepped to the plate. Not a good start to their season at all.

Meanwhile, on the Sizzlin’ Ladies side, the hits and runs continued to add up. There was some dancing, high fives and plenty of trash talking toward the visibly shaken Has-Beens. It would take a miracle at this point for the men of the Has-Beens to quiet the laughs and taunting from the other side. That would not happen. The Sizzlin’ ladies celebrated a 12-0 win in game 1.

The bravery of the Has-Beens is to be admired as they sought redemption in agreeing to a game 2 against their senior center rivals. Perhaps a little fatigued after the celebratory dancing and mockery following their win in game one, the Sizzlin’ Ladies found themselves trailing the resilient Has-Beens early into game 2.

Game 2 was definitely a lower-scoring affair, but the Has-Beens clung to their 2-0 lead in hopes of silencing their tormentors. The Sizzlin’ Ladies stayed laser focused, though, and rediscovered their mojo from game one. They scored four runs late in the game to come back and defeat the Has-Beens 4-2.

The Sizzlin’ Ladies swept the Has-Beens to win both games of the opening day of the Good Hope Sizzlin’ Seniors Bean Bag Baseball season. The Sizzlin’ Seniors meet the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at the senior center in the basement of Good Hope City Hall.

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