Files from Yesteryear: 1954


From the Files of 1954:

According to Marvin Ashwander, there will be a coon-on-log contest at the Guyles Combs pond on July 24th, at Steppville.

Mr. and Mrs. Chart Byram, of Willingham, have twin girls, born on Wednesday.

Eighty-four babies were born in Cullman County during June, according to the Cullman Health Department.

Girls were born to Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Martin, Carnell Allen, Carl Alvis, Raldon W.  Arthur, Leroy Ballard, R.C. Bailey, J.F. Baker, W.F.   Banks,   H.B. Brock, W.M. Brown, Joel Brown, Lawrence Buchanan,  Leon Chandler,  W.H. Cosper, J.R. Curvin, A.V. Disher, Roby Garlen, Junior, Hershel Gill, J.D. Green, Clifford Harris, James C. Henderson, Clarence Hill, Ellis Jetton, L.W. Keeton,  M.I. Kidd, K.J. Kilpatrick, Frank Kramer, Athel Laney, Roy Maner, W.C. Mayhall, Floyd Miller, W.F. Phillips, J.T. Plunkett, J.B. Posey, O.O. Ray, A.W. Sandlin, Edward M. Scheinert, Earl K. Shaddin, Troy Smith, L.C. Tucker, Fred E. Turner, L.B. Whatley and Melvin O. White.

Boys were born to Mr. and Mrs. James Ray Whitlock, Russell E. White, Alton C.Waldrop, Pearl D. Veal, O.Z. Twilley, Pinkard A. Thompson, O.L. Thompson, John Eulus Thomas, R.J. Schnur, Ellis E. Romine, Hobert J. Roberts, R.R. Reese, Edgar L. Plunkett, Elbert Pirkle, W.H. Moon, James A. Monroe, W.M. McClarty, J.B. McBrayer, R.T. Mann,  E.C.  Boyd, M.M.  Jones, W.D.  Johnson, E.H. Hathcock, Lowell C. Hall, Marlin Greathouse, N.S. Graham, W.L. Glasscock, Avery Fulmer, V.L. Fields, W.H. Eddy, Alton Dunman, W.H. Drake, Benton Denson, J.E. Davis, J.B. Cordes, Dick Campbell, C.E. Brown, Gary R. Brown, E.E. Bontrager, H.C. Pell and Paul Anderson.

H.H. Tilley’s thirty-five-year old goal to see Niagara Falls and feel the mist from it became a reality this week as he is touring the North and Canada, along with his wife and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dunn and Beverly.

In addition to sightseeing in Canada, they have visited places of interest in New York City, Detroit, Providence, Rhode Island and are now visiting friends in Boston, Massachusetts.

On their return trip, the Tilleys and Dunns plan to go through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia, where they will visit Natural Bridge and see the Shenandoah Valley.

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