Birmingham’s Moovmo receives approval to operate in Alabama


MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Moovmo, the Birmingham-based accessible ride share platform, has been granted approval by the Alabama Public Service Commission to operate throughout the state of Alabama. At its monthly meeting on Sept. 10, 2019 the Public Service Commission voted unanimously to approve the company. The Commission’s approval makes Moovmo only the third ride share platform permitted to do business in Alabama behind Uber and Lyft.

Moovmo was founded in fall of 2018 as a solution to the problem of the lack of on-demand transportation options for individuals who require accessibility in transportation. In September of 2018 Moovmo won the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama’s Alabama Launchpad $50,000 Concept Stage Prize. Since that time the company has been refining its technology and obtaining licensure and operating authorities in several states throughout the Southeast.

“Moovmo is the first ride sharing platform specifically designed for everyone,” said CEO and Founder Daryl Harris. “We started by addressing the needs of riders with mobility related disabilities because they involve the most obvious barriers to on-demand transportation. But ultimately we hope to build a community of drivers and riders who are willing to understand each other’s individual needs and abilities and will work to accommodate each other.”

While accessible vehicles will be a staple of the Moovmo platform, the service is open to all riders of all abilities, and drivers of any make or model vehicle so long as they meet the platform’s driver criteria and can pass the mandatory vehicle inspection.

“A specialized vehicle is only a small part of what makes transportation accessible. The larger part is the compassion of the driver and her willingness to go above and beyond to support the rider’s needs,” Harris said.

The Moovmo app hosts several innovative features to address the specific needs of its end users. These include a dialogue box where riders can specify any special assistance requirements or requests, a fully transparent ride receipt that details the driver/company fare split and any amount paid to local and state governments in taxes, and a living wage tip calculator so that riders have the option to tip their drivers based on what would constitute a living wage in their specific geographical location.

Moovmo is currently permitted to operate in Georgia and Kentucky but Harris says they are most excited about receiving approval in Alabama.

“The permitting process in Alabama was the most comprehensive of all that we have been through so far; so as a small startup that has basically bootstrapped our entire operation and development, we are proud to have accomplished something that previously was limited to only multi-billion dollar corporations. Plus, Alabama is our home and we have received tremendous support from its citizens and the business community here.”

Moovmo is currently conducting closed group test rides in the three states in which it is permitted to operate. The company anticipates a full launch in Alabama in early October.