No injuries in I-65 crane fire

Firefighters work to extinguish a crane fire along Interstate 65 in Cullman County Thursday morning. (Noah Galilee for The Cullman Tribune)

NOTE: As of 1:24 p.m., both southbound lanes and one northbound lane are open.

CULLMAN, Ala. – A fire ignited on the base unit of a giant crane being transported on Interstate 65 North in Cullman County Thursday morning, causing all four lanes of the roadway to be closed north of Exit 305. Cullman Fire Rescue Division Chief of Operations Darren Peeples said there were no injuries in the incident.

Said Peeples, “The driver said he saw smoke in his rearview mirror and he pulled over and it was on fire. There was significant damage. He was transporting the base unit of a giant crane.”

Peeples said the equipment belonged to Southway Crane and Rigging.

“The top of the fuel cell burned off,” said Peeples. “Once it burned down, and we were able to get a foam layer put down on top, we got it out.”

He said there were several explosions, which were the tires and hydraulic lines blowing. Fuel and hydraulic fluid fed the fire.

Fire departments from Cullman, Good Hope, Logan and Bethsadia worked to put out the blaze. The Cullman Emergency Management Agency, Alabama State Troopers and the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office were also at the scene.

Noah Galilee for The Cullman Tribune

Wendy Sack