Holly Pond increases budgets for infrastructure, prepares to update scrapyard ordinance

(W.C. Mann for The Cullman Tribune)

HOLLY POND, Ala. – The Holly Pond Town Council on Monday passed amendments to add funds to two infrastructure budgets, pointing to the cost of recently completed and planned projects. The amendments add a total of $35,000 to the Street and Park Lighting budgets for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Mayor Carla Hart that the Town had repaired a sinkhole in front of Holly Pond High School at a cost of $28,300, depleting the Street budget. For other planned projects, the council approved a $20,000 increase to the budget.

A proposed upgrade to lighting at Governors Park was estimated to cost $8050, covering a new pole and lights for the parking area, along with lights for the back of the walking track and repairs to the existing lighting system. The council approved the $8050 expenditure, then voted to add $15,000 to the Park Lighting budget. Mayor Hart also brought up the possibility of adding restrooms for the park behind Town Hall, for future planning.

Scrapyard ordinance update proposed

The council held a first reading for an updated scrapyard ordinance in response to a request from Jared Ibrahim, owner of BNF Metals, to modify the Town ordinance that governs activities at his scrapyard on the east side of Holly Pond on U.S. Highway 278.

Holly Pond’s scrapyard ordinance was written last year specifically in response to Ibrahim’s plan to locate his facility inside town limits. The current ordinance prohibits burning of any materials at the facility and, in making the request, Ibrahim noted that residential neighbors around him routinely burn garbage and yard debris, and he asked to be allowed to do the same. According to Mayor Carla Hart, Ibrahim agreed to burn no hazardous materials.

Holly Pond currently has no ordinance governing the burning of garbage, except the clause in the scrapyard ordinance.

The proposed update removed the prohibition against any burning, and replaced it with the clause “Any burning on the premises shall comply with State law.”

The council can vote on the ordinance at its next meeting.

Policies and fees for records requests set

The council approved an ordinance that establishes procedures and creates forms for public records requests, and sets fees. According to the ordinance, requests for records must be made in writing by a person who can show that “he or she has a direct, legitimate interest in the documents sought.” Records approved for viewing will be shown in Town Hall, and cannot be removed from the building.

The ordinance sets the following fee schedule for copies of records:

  • $1.00 per page if transmitted by electronic means.
  • $1.00 per page for black and white copies.
  • $2.00 per page for color copies.
  • Public Records Requests entailing research shall assess a $30 per hour fee or a $7.50 per quarter hour incremental fee. All fees must be paid in advance.
  • An additional fee of $.50 per page will apply if the applicant requests the records be mailed or faxed.
  • Cost for requests that require minimal time and resources may be waived by the Town Clerk. 

The Holly Pond Town Council meets at 6 PM on the first Monday of each month at the Guy Hunt Library. The public is invited to attend.

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