KFC offers to hire displaced Rally’s employees


CULLMAN, Ala. — When Kenny Parks read about the abrupt closing of the Cullman Rally’s, resulting in its 11 employees being caught in limbo, he quickly took action. Parks, Director of Operations for Rule the Roost, LLC that operates the two KFCs in Cullman as well as Feedin' Folks Catering, reached out to Ann, the general manager of Rally’s.

He explained, “I’ve known Ann for years. We were friends in school and kept in touch through Facebook.” Parks offered to hire Ann and the other 10 employees from Rally’s. As of Thursday afternoon, four are already on the schedule at KFC.

Parks made a similar offer to Krystal’s employees when the Cullman location closed abruptly. He said, “We used to own Backyard Burgers so I understand both sides. When we closed Backyard Burgers we gave four weeks advanced warning but still ended up closing early. I was able to offer those employees help. I have the benefit of multiple locations.”

KFC’s busiest time of the year is spring and summer and Parks see this as a win/win situation. He said, “While I might not be able to get the back pay they are owed by the other company, I can get them paychecks coming in now.” Parks felt that the additional staffing with experience will be a huge asset to the staff, service and customers. 

He added, “I have tried in the past to get Ann to work for me. There have been multiple occasions when these guys haven’t been paid. Don’t get me wrong. I have three daughters and Saturday is our Rally’s night so we were sorry to hear of the closing but I’m excited to have Ann and everyone.”