Willoughby Roofing & Sheet Metal relocating to Vinemont


VINEMONT, Ala. – Willoughby Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. is relocating to South Vinemont from the city of Cullman. The Vinemont Town Council on Tuesday night approved a 10-year tax abatement for the company, which is currently located in south Cullman on Old Hanceville Highway. Work on the new location in Vinemont, a vacant property on U.S Highway 31 North near County Road 1301 which used to be the home to a drive-in theater, will begin over the next month according to Kyle Willoughby, the company’s vice president.

Cullman Economic Development Agency (CEDA) Economic Development & Incentives Manager Stanley Kennedy spoke on behalf of Willoughby Roofing at Tuesday’s meeting in Vinemont. He estimated that 35 employees will be working at the new location. Some manufacturing of sheet metal and roofing products is planned as well. He said the roofing company contracts primarily for commercial jobs but hopes to open a retail location for local buyers.

Vinemont Mayor Radginal “Reggie” Dodson said, “Basically, he wants the town to relinquish part of the monies we accept to entice them to come into our town. This is really normal and I see nothing wrong with it. They aren’t asking to just wipe out everything.”

Kennedy added, “Normal taxes would begin in 10 years unless there was a substantial expansion. We are not going to take educational funds for the kids. The company will stay pay all taxes related to education.”

Total taxes abated over the 10-year period are estimated at $49,766 ($20,700 in sales tax, $4,266 in use tax and $24,800 in ad valorem tax).

Willoughby Roofing’s current property in south Cullman is landlocked, hindering future expansion. The South Vinemont property will allow room for growth and also allow room for Willoughby’s trucks and equipment. Kennedy said the company will work to make renovations to the property, potentially increasing its value. 

“Over the next month, we’ll begin work on the property so we can move,” said Willoughby. “We’re trying to hire as many good sheet metal workers and commercial roofers as we can.”

Willoughby said the company is looking to hire 10 to 20 additional workers.

“We’re excited about being out there with more land,” he said.

Willoughby Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc is a family-owned business started in 1946. Originally Willoughby Construction Company, it was founded by O.M. Willoughby. Willoughby Roofing and Sheet Metal Inc, was established in 1981.

The council also authorized Dodson to sign paperwork related to the Shaddix Company, which announced last month that it is relocating to South Vinemont. The council voted in favor of applying for a Community Development Block Grant.

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