Cullman Brewers Guild distributes funds for the holidays


The Cullman Brewers Guild presents a $400 donation to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank; left to right: Tim Haynes, Joseph Pace (CBG), Pat Brickman (Preston Prewett)

CULLMAN – Another Christmas has come and gone, and for most it was another joyous occasion. For those in the Cullman community who might have needed a helping hand this season, there were several nonprofits and organizations that stepped up for the holidays. The Cullman Brewers Guild (CBG) was one of them.

The CBG used money it raised at this year’s Oktoberfest celebration to give back to its neighbors all over the county through several charitable organizations. One of the Guild’s members, Preston Prewett, explained where the donations came from and where they went.

“The Cullman Brewers Guild is in charge of the beer tent at Oktoberfest and we have tip jars sitting out so that when people come by and grab a beer, they can leave a tip. A lot of people probably think those tips go to us, but what we actually do is take all those tips and divide it up between different charities throughout Cullman,” Prewett said. “This year we raised $2,000 that we were able to give back to the community, and we do that every year.”

The CBG evenly dispersed the money to five different local organizations: Cullman Caring for Kids, The Link of Cullman County, Flourish of Cullman, Cullman’s Little Pantry and St. Vincent De Paul Food Bank. Prewett visited Cullman Caring for Kids himself to help give the donation and was excited to find out how much good that money will do.

“Cullman Caring for Kids is the one that I went to and the way that works is they are able to buy food through some sort of food pantry in Huntsville (Food Bank of North Alabama) with the money that we donated,” Prewett said. “I believe they said they would be able to get around 2,600 or 2,800 pounds of food to give to needy families. Which was just really cool.”

For Prewett, being part of the CBG and Oktoberfest is already a lot of fun but knowing that their work is helping families all over Cullman County makes it very rewarding as well.

“It’s completely awesome,” he smiled. “A lot of people think that the beer tent is just a tremendous amount of work, and it is, don’t get me wrong. Oktoberfest is a ridiculous amount of work, but it’s so much fun because you get to talk to everybody that comes through to get a beer and get to explain all the different kind of beers and do a little craft beer education, but at the same time we get donations to give back to the community. It’s just awesome, man.”

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