Op-ed: It’s time to get back to work in Montgomery!


Alabama Rep. Randall Shedd, R-Fairview

Winning football coaches tell their teams to celebrate victory for 24 hours then get back to work.

We're ready to get back to work in Montgomery!

As I make my plans for the new legislative term, I have three number one legislative goals in no particular order; they are all number one:

Urban and rural development with a focus on strategies to bring rural and small-town Alabama up while not bringing urban Alabama down

Address poverty in Alabama (not with government handouts but attack the causes of poverty)

Protect RSA (Retirement System of Alabama) 

I chair the House Committee on Urban and Rural Development and I understand that our urban areas are economic engines in our state and I fully support economic development in our urban areas. 

I also understand that we can't continue to let rural Alabama and our small towns decline. We have to develop strategies and public policies that encourage development in rural and small-town Alabama, too.

I was proud to be an early supporter of Governor Kay Ivey, Lt. Governor-elect Will Ainsworth and Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon. I want to work with them on a serious, well-planned and dedicated focus on rural Alabama.

All three of our new top leaders have roots in and understand rural Alabama and small-town Alabama.

It's time for us all to seriously address rural and small-town Alabama issues.

My committee, (Urban and Rural Development) working closely with the House Rural Caucus chaired by Rep. David Standridge, R-Hayden plans to be active in addressing issues this term.

I want to make it perfectly clear, we don't want to bring urban Alabama down, we want to bring rural Alabama and small-town Alabama up!

We will support urban areas and their economic engines, and we want their support to improve rural and small-town Alabama.

We will be asking all our state resources, organizations and advocates in Montgomery to be part of the solution. The State Department of Commerce, BCA, Manufacture Alabama, AEA, RSA, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and many others all have crucial roles to play in addressing these issues. Let's work together on the things we agree on and make our state the best it can be.

Poverty exists in both urban and rural areas and in every legislative district. Let's find a solution this term in office.


Randall Shedd

District 11, Alabama 

House of Representatives 

(Representing portions of Blount, Cullman, Marshall and Morgan Counties)

1461 Welcome Road 

Cullman, AL 35058

Cellular and text 256-531-6641

Email randallshedd@icloud.com