West Point 6th graders win regional scholars’ bowl tournament


L-R: John Davis Yovino, Brodie Henry, Eli Taylor, Katie Beth Yovino, Silas Baty, Aaiden Jones, Mikhail Dujoud.  (Photo courtesy Tina Yovino)

WEST POINT – The scholars’ bowl teams of West Point’s middle and high schools have been academic juggernauts through regular league seasons; with the middle school season finished and one week to go in the high school season, both teams are undefeated.  West Point Middle School (WPMS) got its first “post-season” honors when its sixth-grade team took its division in the West Point High School/Wallace State Middle School Quiz Tournament; not just beating other teams but rolling over the competition with triple digit scores versus double digits for all of its opponents.

WPMS 410 . . . . . Haleyville 40
WPMS 270 . . . . . Gadsden A 30
WPMS 310 . . . . . Gadsden B 30
WPMS 250 . . . . . East Lawrence A 70
WPMS 190 . . . . . East Lawrence B 60
WPMS 310 . . . . . East Elementary 20

Gadsden A placed second, East Elementary took third and East Lawrence A was fourth.

Proud West Point coach Lee Henry told The Tribune, “This is the most incredible group of sixth-grade players I have had in my 20-plus years of coaching.  If this group sticks together, works hard and continues to grow as a team, the sky is the limit for what they can achieve in their middle and high school scholars’ bowl careers.  They will be competing in another sixth-grade event at Decatur Middle School on Nov. 17. My eighth-grade team will also be competing in the upper division at that tournament.

“I would like to thank Dr. (Vicky) Butler, the principal at West Point Middle School, for her support of the team, as well as all the wonderful teachers there who have worked tirelessly to teach these young kids.  They have learned so much in their classes at West Point. And having that foundation makes coaching them in scholars’ bowl so much easier.

“I also want to thank Christine O’Leary and everyone at Wallace State Community College who helped run the tournament and allowed us to use their facilities.”

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