Tree commission reports on storm damage, ‘urban decay’


CULLMAN – The Cullman Tree Commission held its regular meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 21 at Cullman City Hall. Chairman Everett Wier and members Peggy Harris, Nona Moon, Jan Barnette and Michael Sullins were present, along with recorder Leanne West, City Arborist Darrell Johns, County Extension Coordinator Tony Glover and Delwyn Skinner.

Johns reported, “An unusual number of old trees have had to be removed this year, not only due to storm damage but to what they call ‘urban decay.’ On a good note, though, of approximately 57 new trees planted this year, only one has died.”

Regarding tree damage from the March hailstorm, Johns stated that any time pine trees are damaged or weakened they are susceptible to pine beetles, but most of the pine trees damaged seem to be recovering. Glover added that some younger trees have been found to also have wounds from the hail. Both Johns and Glover stated that it was fortunate that trees were not fully leafed at the time of the hailstorm, because tree damage in affected areas may have been much more severe.

Wier announced that two new members have been appointed to the board by the Cullman City Council: Sullins and Barry Slatton. Slatton had a previous commitment and was unable to attend. Sullins introduced himself and said he looks forward to learning more about the Tree Commission and its members.

Cullman’s Tree Commission is comprised of seven members. The Tree Commission and the city arborist work together to develop an orderly process for identifying public tree needs including maintenance, removal, planting, replacement and public education. The next meeting of the Cullman Tree Commission is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 10 a.m. in the Cullman City Hall Auditorium. All meetings are open to the public.

Image credit: Pixabay