Sweet project: Sacred Heart’s Aiden Hays constructs replica of Flavors Bakery


Sacred Heart Elementary student Aiden Hays with his model of Cullman’s Flavors Bakery (Ryan Hays)

CULLMAN – Aiden Hays is a student at Sacred Heart Elementary School with a talent for building, and a recent school project of his became a very sweet gift. Aiden was tasked with building a model of a place in the community, and he chose Flavors Bakery in the Warehouse District. Made with cardboard, Lego pieces and toy cars, the model took only a couple of days to make and now stands proudly on display inside the bakery.

Aiden’s teacher, Kellie Thompson, assigned the project. The idea was for students to choose a place that they felt best represented the community and then build a model of it.

So why did Aiden choose Flavors Bakery?

"The people that work there are always so nice to me," he shared, "and they make really good breakfast." 

According to him, the students and teachers at Sacred Heart are just as kind as the people at Flavors. "They're very nice, and I have really good friends," he mentioned. 

Aiden was said to have gone above and beyond what was asked of him and did so on his own purely out of his love for building and for the bakery.

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