ALDOT: After snowfall, expect icy conditions until temperatures rebound

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MONTGOMERY – The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) is continuing to warn Alabamians to expect icy roadways and bridges until temperatures return to above freezing.

While all state routes in ALDOT's North Region currently remain open, sub-freezing temperatures through Thursday morning pose a threat of black ice on roadways. Icy conditions may develop on any streets or highways, especially bridges, overpasses, elevated spans and hilly or shaded areas — even in areas that may have been pretreated in advance of wintry precipitation.

ALDOT crews are working diligently to keep interstates, U.S. and state highways passable, but driving remains hazardous. ALDOT, emergency management and law enforcement officials are united in urging motorists to avoid travel until conditions improve.

Appropriate driving speeds are determined by the road conditions, which on wet or icy roads should be slower than the posted speed limit. Motorists should slow down and move over if possible when approaching ALDOT and other highway maintenance personnel and emergency vehicles at work.

Just because a state route is passable does not mean that connecting county or city roads will be traversable.

Motorists seeking information on road conditions in Alabama should look to local news media and visit or download the ALGO Traffic app available online through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

ALDOT asks motorists to use responsibly. Motorists should never text, tweet or use a mobile device while operating a vehicle.

Photo shows Alabama Highway 157, beside The Atrium, looking up to the large hill beside the Cullman Stockyard on Tuesday afternoon. / Noah Galilee / Cullman Tribune