Signs of the (bygone) times


Drew Green, left, delivers an “Alabama 200” sign to the Little School House in Garden City.

CULLMAN – As part of the Alabama 200 Bicentennial celebration, Cullman’s Bicentennial Committee is offering sandwich board signs for placement at historic sites and certain public places around the county.  The signs will not only mark significant locations, but will also point interested visitors to other places, as well.

Cullman Bicentennial Committee Chairman Drew Green explained, “The first year 2017's theme is ‘Celebrating Our Places.’  We have a local Bicentennial Committee for Cullman County, made up of citizens from throughout Cullman County.  We meet periodically to offer suggestions, and provide support for different organizations and their plans for celebrating the Bicentennial.  For example, we have provided small local grants to the Cullman County Library and the Cullman County Master Gardeners for Bicentennial-themed projects they have, or are working on.”

Green continued, “One suggestion the local committee had for 2017 when we are celebrating historic places was to put a sign with brochures at sites around the county that local citizens thought were historically significant.  For example, we have a sign at the museum and if you stopped here you could get a brochure, and it would tell you the other places around the county.  The brochures have the address so you could put that in your GPS, and then head for the site and look for a matching sign there.

“The idea behind this is to celebrate Cullman's history, bring members of the community together, and highlight our history to people visiting from other areas.  I also plan to put pictures of the sites and more detailed information on the (Cullman County) Museum Facebook page, so people who couldn't visit the sites or people far away could take a ‘virtual’ tour.”

Signs are being offered all over Cullman County, and have already been delivered to such places as the Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman, Hanceville Drug Co. in Hanceville, Little School House in Garden City and Mann’s Garden Shop in Hanceville.

For more information on the Alabama 200 Bicentennial celebration, visit  For more information on local events, or to request a sign for your favorite local historic treasure, visit the County Museum’s Facebook page at

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