Turn signal ahead for AL 69/Cherokee Avenue at Olive Street in Cullman


Updated 10-2-17

CULLMAN – The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) announced Friday that a flashing yellow arrow turn signal will be installed on Tuesday, Oct. 10 on Alabama Highway 69/Cherokee Avenue at Olive Street in Cullman.

"The four-arrow signal head featuring the flashing yellow arrow is a safe and efficient way to establish right of way for left-turning vehicles at intersections," said ALDOT's Seth Burkett.

After the new signal is in place and operational, signals will appear in the following sequence:

  • A steady green arrow signifies that it is safe to turn.
  • A steady yellow arrow warns that a red signal is coming. Do not enter the intersection if you can safely stop.
  • A steady red arrow means drivers must stop.
  • A flashing yellow arrow means turn with caution only after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

More information about flashing yellow arrow signals, including an instructional video, can be found online at www.drivesafealabama.org/keys-to-safety/flashing-yellow-arrow.

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