Master’s Hand Christian School Class of 2017


Graduation will be Friday, May 26 at 6 p.m. at Central Baptist Church in Decatur.


First row, l-r: Maddie Grace Giers, Tyler Brock, Katelyn Reeves, Ashley Terry, Michaela Sutherland and Emma Thompson

Second row, l-r: Brilye Speegle, Adria Latta

Third row, l-r: Grace Walker, Clara Lanier, Nathan Woodard, Deborah Soloman and Abbie Clemons

Fourth row, l-r: Charis Freeman, Micah Freeman

Fifth row, l-r: Lori Beth Gordon, Kennon Comeaux, Micah Barber and Gunnar Walling

Sixth row, l-r: Andrew Messservy, Allison Selby, Nathaniel Roesener, Justice Popdan, Riley Burks, Caleb Murcks and Thomas Ramey


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