Addison High School Class of 2017


Graduation will be on Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 8 p.m. at AG Hicks Stadium.

“As always we at Addison have another outstanding senior class. This group has excelled academically and athletically. Because of their competitive spirit and desire to win, I believe they will succeed in life. When faced with challenges and adversity, they will rise to the occasion and succeed. This group has never presented any discipline problems which is a tribute to their parents and our community. I wish them each a blessed life and hope they know that my door is always open if they need anything. I will continue to pray for them as they embark on the journey of life”.
Principal Micah Smothers


Row one: Reagan Smothers, Salutatorian, Chandler Cookenmaster, Class President and Claycee Alston, Valedictorian.

Row two: Megan Seymore, Kendall Rooks, Emily Alston, Maria Moreno, Aleshia Stamps, Maison Evans, Lily Steele and Catherine Freeman.

Row three: Kaley Moore, Kita Adams, Drea Parker, Olivia Ferguson, Melanie Zills, Summer Ferguson, Levi Meigs, Karlie Cook and Jessica C. Eguia.

Row four: Austin Feltman, Micah James, Zeb Maze, Arron Pratt, Samuel Gomora, Brandon Waid, Spencer Burton and Noah Rice.

Row five: Nathaniel Coon, Austin Feltman, Dylan Jones, Taylor Colwell, Jacob Marchman, Scotty Givens and Matthew Mann.

Row six: Hunter Kilgo, Erik Kilgo, Valen Lapeyrouse, JimmyMac England, Kamron Butler, Nick Dewberry, Cole DeSilvey, Kamron Butler, Nick Dewberry and Cole DeSilvey.

(Photo courtesy of Bill Miller Photography)

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