Fairview High School Class of 2017


Graduation will be on Saturday, May 20 at 6 p.m., at Tom Drake Coliseum on the campus of Wallace State.

“It is hard to believe that we have almost completed another year. The graduating class of 2017 is special in many different ways. The most special part of this class is their character and commitment to success. It has been my honor to have been associated with so many wonderful young men and women. I can truly say that the graduating class of 2017 will continue making the world a better place. Finally, I want to thank each parent or grandparent that played a vital role in their child's accomplishments up to this point. Graduation is just the first of many great things to come and we wish each student the best.”
Principal Chris Gambrill


Group 1 (above)
Row one, (left to right): Austin Bailey, Shane Anderson, Ragan Ashley, Lona Anders, Tyler Ball and MaKayla Bailey.

Row two, (left to right): Gatlin Byrams, David Brown, Logan Brooks, Jacob Allen and Nicholas Benitez.

Row three, (left to right): Austin Caswell, Dorian Brock, Corissa Borem, Loren Bates, Demi Bailey and Cinnie Chen.


Group 2
Row one, (left to right): Abbie Compton, Taylor Cox, Clanton Crumbley, Kourtney Cooper and Chelesy Dingler.

Row two, (left to right): Trinity Delzell, Matalynn Dempster, Cloe Ehlman, Eli Denney and Matthew Eudy.

Row three, (left to right): Samuel Elrod, Jacob Compton, Alex Creel and Cody Crawford.

Row four, (left to right): Angela Clanton, Taylor Dover and Austin Dibble.


Group 3
Row one, (left to right): Jeffery Filyaw, Evan Fields, Kayley Hall, Molly Fortner, Molly Gardner and Ally Grund.

Row two, (left to right): Tori Hall, Jesse Harris, Jada Golden, Luke Haynes and Debra Hasenbein-Bailey.

Row three, (left to right): Brett Garner, Noah Garnett, Jacob Guthrie, Kyle Hays and Megan Giles.

Row four, (left to right): Brandon Garretson, Ramsey Heatherly and Justin Hill.


Group 4
Row one, (left to right): Austin Hollis, Emily Holland, Carlee Loyd, Derek Jones, Cassie Humes andn Elsie Jimenez-Martinez.

Row two, (left to right): Tyler Hudson, Tiffany Lodge, Phoenix Janusas, Kalynn Holcomb and Kristen Kelso.

Row three, (left to right): Joseph Jacobs, Marcus Kirby, Colby LaBauve, Brett Hogan, Ethan Johnson and Clay Lanier.


Group 5
Row one, (left to right): Caitlin Metz, Hailey Netherton, Rebecca Overton, Megan Marks, Esmeralda Medina and Destiny Mullins.

Row two, (left to right): Laura Mullet, Grace Martin, Taylor Moyers, Courtney Nickles and Nerik Martinez.

Row three, (left to right): Nikolas Mayo, Logan Murphree, Alec Miller, Canner O’Steen and Andrew Morris.

Row four, (left to right): Aaron Moylan, Chilli Nichols, Ivan Medina, Alex Orona and Jackson McGukin.


Group 6
Row one, (left to right): Riley Pope, Sheila Plunkett, Aysha Semadeni, Krystn Pruett, Ashley Scott and Alexandria Pierce.

Row two, (left to right): Alexis Parker, Roy Reny, Connor Pendergrass, Devon Sivils, Billy Ramey and Ryan Pope.

Row three, (left to right): Cody Shaffer, Cody Smith, Hayden Richards, Alexis Smith and Kaitlin Sandlin.


Group 7
Row one, (left to right): Patricia Welsh, Kaycee Wright, Maci Yeager, Alexis Vincent and Morgan Wilson.

Row two, (left to right): Kayla Venega, Caleb West, Brenda Thornton, Celeste Wisener, Andrea Street and John Trammell.

Row three, (left to right): Richard Stewart, Ryan Walters, Sambo Woods, Rusty Yancy and Josh Wren.

(Photos Courtesy of Sullivan Photography)


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