Holly Pond High School Class of 2017


Graduation will be on Saturday, May 20 at 4 p.m., at Tom Drake Coliseum on the campus of Wallace State.

“I would to take this opportunity to congratulate the 2017 graduating class of Holly Pond High School. You have worked hard and accomplished many great things over the past 13 years. You have excelled in the classroom and in your extracurricular activities. I encourage each of you to take the lessons and experiences from your time at Holly Pond with you as you to continue on the path you have started toward adulthood. You have the foundation to be very successful as you enter college or the workforce. Always remember that 'Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.' (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe). So, get out there and create a great future.”

Principal Kim Butler


First row: (left to right), (bottom row), Emily Rainey, Brie Thompson, Jonna Christie, Savana Pannell, Sierra Blackwood, Jacob Wilson, Dawson Foust, Macy Ray, Shelby Lynn, Savanah Reid, Caitlyn Patterson, Sophie Slaten, Olivia Benefield, Tyler Dover, Courtney Dillard and Colton Patterson.

Second row, (left to right): Rheagan Kaufman, Demi Alvarez, Fancie Boatright, Hayleigh Hunt, Makayla Patterson, Dante Garman, Alex Parker, Emily Vincent, Laurel Ferrell, Zachary Naler, Ashton Beasley, Haley Higginbotham, Ashlyn Holderfield, Chelsea Brock, Savanah Fortner and Riley Hooper.

Third row, (left to right): Temisha James, Ashli Burgess, Griffin Stephens, Andrew Shaw, Caleb Jones, Tanner Duke, Ruth Horton, Taylor Tankersley, Maddie Folds, Jacob Drane, Tyler Cone, Jordan Creel, Zachary Herron, Billy Garrison and Jose Casimiro.

Fourth row, (left to right): Romey Suryono, Matt Cahoon, Michael Lambert, Bailey Smith, Drew Jones, Tristan Fortner, Rachel Vincent, Dustin (D. J.) King, Mackenzie Weaver, Brandon Davis, Jesse Fraley, Dylan Hoffman and Todd Schwab.

Fifth row, (left to right): Kansas Cofield, Olivia Wright, Jason Foshee, Mason May, Dylan Morton, Trey Hill, Jarrett Miller, Allie Smith, Connor Gillilan and Christopher Shoemaker.

Sixth row, (left to right): Taylor Shelton, Nathan Frost, Jake Harbison, Jay Malone, Zane Malone, Karissa Wilcutt, Marissa Swimelar, Jesse Norris and George Griffin.

Not pictured: Adair Gillilan, Ethan Jackson, Hannah Harris and Heather Mann. (Photo courtesy of Sullivan Photography).

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