Artist profile: Cullman native Kassie Wilson

Billy Pope

NASHVILLE – Kassie Wilson is busy these days. She just returned to Nashville from a trip to Canada.

"We were performing in Canada this weekend and had a layover due to weather conditions. We didn't get home till last night," she said. "It was quite the experience to say the least."

Kassie's grandparents- Billy and Charlotte Wood, live in Cullman. If you attended the recent Farm-City Banquet you were fortunate to hear her performing there. 

"The past four years we have been doing music full-time," said Kassie, who is a two-time winner of the Coyote Ugly competition. "When I am in town we play four times a week at different venues in downtown Nashville, mostly at Margaritaville and Benchmark."

Kassie and her husband, Ben, are also the worship leaders their church.  "It's an honor to get to serve and sing for the one who gave me my voice and my talents," she said.

The couple travels a few times a month singing at weddings, house concerts and private events. "I know it's rare but we love being able to sing and play music full-time," she continued. With the recent release of her third CD "Family Ties," Kassie is living her dream. "I am really proud of this album, it is a true representation of my work as an artist," she said.  Kassie co-wrote and, with her husband, Ben, co-produced the project.

"He is such a talented man I also co-wrote all of the songs with him except one. I love all the songs on this album but my favorite two are ‘Family Ties’ written with Ben Wilson, Molly Stevens and Declan McGary, and 'Season's Greetings’ written with Tawyna Reynolds," said Kassie.

"Family Ties" is close to Kassie's heart, written about her relationship with her family.  

"It's funny because sometimes family can drive us crazy but at the end of the day when you've had a bad day and you need someone to talk to or lean on it's your family you can always count on," she smiled.

Another of the songs on the holiday CD is titled, "Season's Greetings" and according to Kassie, is a fun light-hearted song.

"I think everyone can relate to this one. It's a Christmas song that is sure to make you laugh and get you in the Christmas spirit." 

Understandably, Kassie and Ben are excited about the release of Kassie's first music video for "Season's Greetings."  

You can check it out on her website,, or on YouTube channel,

"It was so much fun making this video and I look forward to making more in the future," she said.   The album is available to purchase or download on Kassie's website and iTunes.  You can also follow her progress on and on Instagram @kassiemusicoffical.

"I hope to get back to Cullman soon," said Kassie wistfully. "I really loved getting to perform at The Farm-City Banquet. It's always an honor to get to come home and share your gifts with your hometown people and family. I loved to get to play at the Civic Center," she added enthusiastically. "They recently did some remodeling and it looks so great in there.  It was a fun night and I was honored to get to be a part of the event."

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