Largemouth Bass released into Duck River Reservoir

Duck River Reservoir Project

BERLIN – Phase two in a series of fish releases into the Duck River Reservoir took place Thursday morning.

This project is coordinated by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and supported locally by the Cullman Economic Development Agency.

Largemouth bass, approximately 20,000 in total, were placed into the reservoir. This comes after 100,000 bream entered the waterway in March.

"My job is to provide anglers at the Duck River Reservoir a high-quality sport fishery," District Supervisor and State Biologist Jay Haffner said following the release of the bass.

Haffner reported the state of Alabama decided to supplement the population with 20,000 Florida largemouth bass that came from the hatchery of the DCNR.

"This group of fish will reproduce with the largemouth bass from the Duck River Reservoir and their offspring will inherit growth characteristics of the Florida largemouth bass," Haffner added.

Having the Duck River Reservoir is a benefit to the recreational kind with the addition of bass now in water with the bream, bluegill and redear.

Cullman Economic Development Agency representative Susan Eller reports more fish will be placed into the reservoir by the summer. 

The DCNR is in a joint association with the utilities board of the City of Cullman to make sure the reservoir is operating properly on a daily basis.