2nd Annual Stony Lonesome 5K Mud Run May 14


CULLMAN – On Saturday, May 14 at 8 a.m., Stony Lonesome OHV Park will host its second annual 5K Mud Run.

The event started last year, under current Park Manager Tyler Lindsey, and he wants to continue to grow the event.

“It was Sara Teichmiller’s (Cullman County Parks and Recreation Marketing) idea to have this 5K,” Lindsey said. “We had a lot of success last year with advertising for the event, and that sort of thing.”

Last year’s event saw 400 runners sign up.

“There were about 10-12 serious runners who were there to really compete and win the whole thing. We put them in the front of the line. The event is really just about coming out and getting muddy and having fun, but the serious runners are welcome too,” Lindsey said.

Along with learning how to improve on last year’s inaugural event from a logistics standpoint (parking, registration, etc.), Lindsey wants to add more obstacles over the course of the 5K route.

“We’re improving the obstacles and adding obstacles,” he said. Why not have as many opportunities to get as dirty as possible during this event, since there will be fire trucks enlisted from the county fire departments to assist with washing off competitors after they’ve crossed the finish line. 

“We wanted to have the fire trucks here last year, but they said it was too short of notice,” Lindsey continued. “We made sure to call them plenty in advance this year.”

Registration for the event is $30 per person.

The event is available to ages 13 and up for the full 5K. For ages 12 and under, the first mile of the course is available free-of-charge.

“The first mile is visible from the lookout-point,” Lindsey said. “You know, so the parents can watch their kids. That is just for the 12 and under ones, though.”

Lindsey expects the event to go from about 8 a.m.-noon, when tired runners can relax with lunch from the food trucks that will be at the park for the race.

Those who register in advance get a free T-shirt.

To register, visit http://www.cullmancountyparks.com/mr-registration.html.