Good Hope Trio to Perform ‘Difficult Version’ of ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ at Talladega Superspeedway

Good Hope Trio

GOOD HOPE — On Saturday, October 24, Ty Parker, Rachel Roberts, and Gloria Crauswell will perform as the Good Hope Trio and commence the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series in Talladega

Fox will broadcast the national performance live at 11:30 a.m., but the group's distinguished opportunity was presented in an unexpected way.

“At first when I heard that someone was calling from Talladega I thought they were trying to get us to be a sponsor,” Ty Parker, Good Hope Band Director and group member said. 

“But the representative from NASCAR called me back and explained he wanted us to perform at the race,” he continued. 

Two percussionists from the Good Hope Marching Band, Gloria Crauswell and Rachel Roberts, teamed up with Parker to perfect what he calls a “pretty difficult version of the national anthem.” 

“It is slightly strange since the two of them are both drummers, but they each have amazing voices,” he continued. 

Crauswell, who has since graduated from Good Hope, will soon begin Marine boot camp, while Roberts is a senior.

According to Parker, the trio began singing at Good Hope athletics events last year and their largest performance had been at a statewide track and field meet.

At this meet a NASCAR representative's son competed. The representative was pleased with the group's performance and presented them with an even bigger opportunity.

“This just fell in our lap,” Parker explained. “And when the rest of the band found out about it, they were excited, it was just like it was any of them doing it. I think it would be different if we [the Good Hope Trio] were out there looking for these gigs and trying to get noticed. But truly, this just fell in our lap and we’re just happy to have the opportunity.” 

Parker hopes that Roberts, the Good Hope senior, will get noticed, as she is quite talented.

“She has an incredible voice,” Parker said. “Me and Gloria sing backup, and Rachel takes the lead.”

Parker’s only concern is that the early morning warm up time might be hard on their voices. 

“You know when you first wake up your voice is crap,” he said. “And I don’t want to mess up on national television, that would be awful.”