10 Non-Compliant Sex Offenders Arrested During Compliance Checks

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CULLMAN – The Cullman County Sheriff’s Office made the arrests of the ten non-compliant sex offenders while conducting compliance checks on the 225 registered sex offenders located in Cullman County from February 1st, 2015 through May 27th, 2015.

Also, during that same period of time sheriff deputies have completed a total of 715 compliance checks on the 225 registered sex offenders. This means some sex offenders have had multiple compliance checks from deputies.  

Contrast this to only 277 compliance checks completed during the same period in 2014 and prior to Sheriff Matt Gentry taking office.

“I am proud that in my first 100 Days here at the Sheriff’s Office I can say I have fulfilled one of the promises I made to the people of Cullman County which was to hold sex offenders accountable. Any sex offender who does not follow the law and register will be arrested”, said Sheriff Matt Gentry.

Those arrested were:

Edward Dean Thornton: Prohibited Residence

Paul Steven Meyer: Prohibited Residence, Fail to Complete Quarterly Verification

Christopher Peyton Welch: Fail to Register Upon Release, Fail to Complete Quarterly Verification

John Ludwig Lenz: Fail to Terminate Employment

Clinton Alem Weaver: Fail to Register Upon Release

Kevin Lee Laningham: Fail to Terminate Employment, Fail to Terminate Residence, Prohibited Residence/Living with a minor, Fail to Report Establishment of Residence, Prohibited Residence/ 2000 FT

Gary Lynn Smith: Fail to Register Upon Release, Fail to Complete Quarterly Verification

Wendell Daugherty: Fail to Register Upon Entering State, Fail to Register Residence

Jason Wayne Chambers: Fail to Register Change of Residence

Kelly Wesley Gilliland: Fail to Register Established Residence