The Link of Cullman County Continues towards $20,100 Goal, Creates Virtual Giving Tree

The Link of Cullman County

CULLMANThe Link of Cullman County is a faith-based, non-profit organization that supports the needs of our neighbors through goal setting, career advising and financial counseling. Their mission is to foster community in Cullman County to maximize resources and transform lives through the love of Jesus Christ. But they need help in order to accomplish this mission. 

Last week, The Link held their annual fundraising event, “Flourish”, in an attempt to reach a goal of $20,100. "Flourish" didn’t quite reach their goal, so the organization is continuing their quest for the rest of the funds. 

“As for the fundraiser, this is essentially from our event,” explained Dawn Owens, executive director of The Link of Cullman County. “We had a giving tree there and we ended up raising about $3,500 from it. Our goal was $20,100 so we have created a Virtual Giving Tree. The funds from this campaign will directly support our ongoing programs and services, as well as helping us launch the Renew U program that we announced at the event. We already have three students enrolled to begin classes towards an associates ‘life’ degree.”

The Virtual Giving Tree works by participants going to and then selecting a number with an amount of money that they would like to donate. That number represents one leaf on the giving tree. Once the leaf is paid for no one else can purchase it. The purchased leaf will be added to the Tree of Life on the wall at The Link Center. Leaves may contain the participant's name or ‘Anonymous’.

The Link meets new neighbors that represent lives that can be changed every day, but they need support to help them offer life change to those neighbors. 

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