Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree


CULLMAN – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and that means it is time to deck your halls. The first order of business for any home during the holidays is to find and decorate the perfect tree. Finding a tree that is perfect for your family can seem frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s explore some pros and cons for both.

Artificial Trees – Artificial, or fake trees, offer a lot of great benefits. There is no clean up for one, they do not shed needles, so your floor stays cleaner. They are also very economical for families considering you can buy a standard 5-6 foot tree for $30 and use it year after year. When you’re done with it, all you need to do is repack it and throw it in the attack until next year.

Live Trees – While real trees do shed their needles, they are the real deal and have been adorning families’ homes for hundreds of years. The best thing about putting a live tree in your home is definitely the scent. There is nothing quite like the smell of a Christmas tree in your home. Another benefit of the tradition of live trees is the experience of picking out your tree as a family, and at some locations, cutting your own.

There are several great establishments that can handle your tree needs. Obviously places like Lowe’s, Marvin’s and Walmart will carry a variety of trees, but you can get an equally beautiful tree from a locally owned business as well. Gibbs Garden Center on Highway 31, for instance, is a great place to look for the holiday festivities.

“Most of our trees come from North Carolina and Oregon,” said Dusty Gibbs, owner. “We have 4-5 foot trees for $29.95, 5-6 foot are $37.95 and 7-8 foot trees are $49. These trees are fresh cut and will last all Christmas season. We trim the lower branches and cut the end off of the trees to help them absorb more water and last longer.”

Gibbs Garden Center is located on Highway 31 just before you get to Enterprise Car Rental. You can reach them at 256-796-8192.

Another great establishment to visit for your Christmas tree needs is Stone Bridge Farms.

“Ron Foust, the owner, actually went and got our trees himself,” said Janet Fortner, event coordinator. “He drove to North Carolina around September or October to look and see if it was the quality we wanted. He just got back Monday night with them. The 7-8 foot trees are $36.95 and 8-9 foot trees are $42.95.”

Stone Bridge Farms is located at 281 County Road 717 in Cullman, or call 256-734-9765.

No matter what you decide to purchase, real or fake, a home with a tree is always better than one without. Take your family, grab a tree and get into the spirit of the holidays.