Wagon Trail Med-Serv denied license by AMCC

Wagon Trail Med-Serv President and CEO Joey Robertson explains how the machines in his facility work. (Tribune file photo)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) on Thursday, Aug. 10, met to reissue Integrated Facility Licenses. Back on Friday, June 16, it held an emergency meeting and put a hold on the licenses that it issued the previous Monday, June 12. At that time, the AMCC said it had found “inconsistencies” in how applicants for licenses were scored. This week, Cullman County’s Wagon Trail Med-Serv was denied an Integrated Facility License for the second time.

The AMCC can only issue five Integrated Facility Licenses statewide. That could change in the future if the State decides to expand that number.

Wagon Trail Med-Serv President and CEO Joey Robertson said he is frustrated and disappointed with the results but is planning on pushing forward and filing an appeal.

Robertson outlined the process going forward. “We have 14 days to file an appeal. And then after that, there will be 14 more days where they will listen to the appeals, review the appeals and then decide whether or not the appeals have merit,” he explained.

Cullman Economic Development Agency Director Dale Greer expressed his disappointment in the AMCC’s decision as well, saying, “I just thought from day one that they were really a prime candidate, and I am disappointed that they’re not one of the five. The first time I went into Joey’s, I thought, man, this is already a pharmaceutical production operation, he has to be so far ahead of the game, among the people who would try to get into this process.”

Rep. Corey Harbison, R-Good Hope, also shared his disappointment in the news. There are a total of five entities that were awarded licenses, and four of the five have not broken ground on their facilities yet, which makes the decision more frustrating according to Harbison. Wagon Trail Med-Serv is ready to start producing immediately.

“If you just look at it, they’ve got an established facility already. These other places don’t even have one. That’s a big part of it to me,” Harbison stated.

Robertson said he is still looking forward and not giving up hope that his company can receive an Integrated Facility License in the future. “We increased our position yesterday, so we’re currently in the eighth spot with five applications being accepted,” he stated optimistically. “So we’re sitting just outside and that gives us a much stronger hope in knowing that we can appeal and have much higher chance of being successful. Our goal from this point is to put together a very solid appeal.”

The AMCC released their combined tabulated scores on Friday evening. Wagon Trail Med-Serv was in sixth place. However, the number seven spot, which was Sustainable Alabama LLC. received a license before Wagon Trail Med-Serv. According to Robertson their score jumped 300 points after the scoring corrections/audit from the University of South Alabama (USA). Robertson maintains that his appeal position will be very strong

Wagon Trail Med-Serv is located at 70 County Road 290, Hanceville, Alabama, 35077.