PREP SPORTS: ‘We were all there for each other’: Vinemont’s Chayce Sandlin reflects on Eagles career

Vinemont’s Chayce Sandlin. (courtesy of Chayce Sandlin)

VINEMONT, Ala. — In this interview, I talked to Vinemont’s multi-sport player, Chayce Sandlin. He talked about some of his favorite sports memories during his time as an Eagle and he was blessed to play alongside some great guys.

“My favorite memories were bonding with my teammates and coaches and pushing each other to be better, overcoming obstacles, and all of the hard workouts and practices. Some of my favorite times were when I would catch a touchdown, score a basket, or hit a line drive. I loved and cherished every moment on and off the field/court. I’m glad I could represent my coaches, my team, and my community well. We created a bond that will never be broken,” Sandlin said. “It was a blessing. We were all there for each other if someone needed something. The team was there to help. I love each and every one of them. They are the reason I pushed myself to work hard. I could always count on them to have my back. I look forward to seeing them grow into great, young men.”

Chayce learned a lot in his respective sports and from his coaches. He talked about what he learned the most about playing at Vinemont, his favorite high school memories, and what made Vinemont such a special place to go to.

“I learned a lot about teamwork, communication, and perseverance,” Sandlin said. “My coaches were amazing. They were tough, but fair, and always pushed us to be our best. I learned a lot about strategy, discipline, and leadership from them. I learned the most about God, teamwork, and perseverance. It was amazing to see how much we could accomplish when we worked together, pushed ourselves, and never gave up. My favorite high school memories were spending time with my friends, going to prom, and playing sports. Vinemont was a special place because of the amazing people there. The teachers, coaches, and students were all so supportive and made it feel like a second home.”

Chayce will remember so much about going to Vinemont and he will definitely miss being an Eagle next year. He gave some advice to the students that will be starting high school in August.

“I will remember the amazing people and the memories we made together. I will miss my friends and the sense of community that we had at Vinemont,” he said. “My advice would to be get involved in extracurricular activities, make new friends, and work hard in your classes. High school goes by quickly, so make the most of it.”

Chayce was on the archery and math team during his time at Vinemont and talked about that experience. He also took away so much during his time as an Eagle. He talked about one of his role models growing up, and the best advice that he was ever given.

“Being on the math team and archery team was a lot of fun. I learned a lot about problem-solving and critical thinking on the math team, and I learned about focus and precision on the archery team. It was a great way to meet new people and challenge myself in different ways,” he said. “During my time at Vinemont, I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of. I also made some great friends that I will cherish forever.”

He added,

“My role model growing up was Michael Jordan. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was to never give up on my dreams and to always work hard to achieve them.”

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