CPD address report of gun at CMS dance

Cullman Middle School gymnasium (Tiffany McKoy)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman Middle School held its spring dance Friday, May 19. Toward the event’s end, according to Cullman Police Chief David Nassetta, the Cullman Police Department received a call from a parent claiming a student may have brought a gun to the dance. After a thorough investigation, he said, the police determined there was no threat.

The parent who made the call was not present at the dance, and allegedly reported the information after hearing it from her child. Nassetta said other students attending the dance claimed there was a photo circulating of a fellow student with a gun at the event.

The chief said officers arrived at the school, ensured the safety of students and teachers and remained on-site until the dance concluded. Nassetta added that no one has been able to substantiate the photo in question.

“We still have yet to find this post that everyone is referencing,” Nassetta said. “There may have been a post, but we haven’t found anyone who can show it to us.”

Nassetta also addressed concerns about the lack of updates provided by the police department since the incident.

“We must go through numerous steps before releasing information,” he explained. “First and foremost, we want to ensure the information we share is accurate. Also, as we are dealing with minors, we cannot disclose any names.”

Nassetta acknowledged parents’ frustration about not receiving immediate updates.

“We have a duty to first confirm the safety of the children,” he said. “We don’t always have time to provide real-time updates on social media, but we will do so as soon as possible.”

The chief also raised concerns about the increasing reliance on social media for news.

“I think we have a real issue with people getting their news from social media and not from reputable news sources,” he said.

Recalling the chaotic night of the dance, Nassetta added, “It was astonishing how quickly this situation spiraled out of control. You need to approach this rationally, not emotionally, which I understand can be challenging when it involves children. Rely on verified sources for information, rather than an unknown person posting a comment on Facebook or Instagram.”

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