Tribune welcomes new reporters Murphy, McKoy

Cayla Grace Murphy, Tiffany McKoy (contributed)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Cullman Tribune is excited to announce two new reporters. Cayla-Grace Murphy is a talented reporter and videographer with a passion for storytelling and local journalism. Tiffany McKoy is a passionate and dedicated reporter with strong ties to the local community.

Raised in Danville, Murphy comes from a humble background and has always had a deep love for reading and writing. As the youngest and only girl among five siblings, she grew up on a hog farm, devouring books and nurturing her fascination with language.

She attended the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science, where she honed her interest in the humanities. She later graduated from Hartselle High School due to family changes. Now she’s eager to channel her talent for storytelling into journalism.

“I have always been a storyteller, an over-sharer, a wordsmith,” said Murphy. “Journalism can sometimes be staunch and blunt, but there is grace in telling a story or covering an event that has shaped someone’s life or altered their worldview.”

As a reporter and videographer, Murphy will focus on community events, lifestyle, community figures, children, the elderly and nonprofits. She will also cover Holly Pond, Baileyton and Fairview council meetings.

Murphy said that for her, journalism is vital because people are innately curious about the events happening around them, relying on journalists to provide the facts and allowing them to draw their own interpretations.

Murphy is not only a skilled journalist, but also a proud mother to her daughter River Jane. In her spare time, she enjoys sewing, particularly quilting, and her favorite color is burnt orange. Reflecting on her journey, she recalled a professor who once told her that her writing style was too personal.

“I hope he sees one of my articles one day,” she remarked.

Born and raised in Cullman, McKoy is the daughter of Kevin McKoy and Angela Schaffer. She graduated from Cullman High School in 2010 before attending Auburn University.

An avid fan of riding horses, attending concerts and traveling the world with her friends, McKoy brings a unique and dynamic perspective to The Tribune.

“I truly enjoy politics, sports and writing,” she said. “This job combines all the things that I am passionate about in one.”

McKoy will be covering politics in Cullman, including city council meetings, school board meetings and other politically related events. She also plans to cover special events and hopes to delve into sports journalism in the future.

For McKoy, journalism is crucial because, she said, trust in media has reached an all-time low.

She explained, “The facts are constantly being pushed aside in order to suit a specific agenda. I believe the truth matters. I want to be the type of journalist people can rely on to always bring the truth, no matter what.”

In addition to her passion for journalism, McKoy had a few fun facts to share. She’s a huge rock ‘n’ roll fan, with Mötley Crüe being her favorite band. She has read an astounding 1,232 books in her life, keeping count of each one, and she once went trail riding on an active volcano, Mount Vesuvius.

McKoy said she looks forward to serving the community by always delivering the facts and truth. The Cullman Tribune team is thrilled to have Murphy and McKoy on board.

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