United Way to host communitywide food drive Feb. 6-11


CULLMAN, Ala. – The United Way of Cullman County will host a communitywide food drive to benefit all food banks, pantries and feeding ministries in Cullman County from Feb. 6-11, 2023. Donations can be dropped off at various locations across Cullman County; there will be manned drop-off sites at both Cullman Wal-Marts. The United Way is also encouraging local businesses, organizations and offices to hold food drives within their organization during the week. 

“With the sky-rocketing prices on groceries and other goods, it has become increasingly (sic) difficult for families to afford groceries every month,” United Way Executive Director Waid Harbison said. “We have heard from our United Way Food Bank, Cullman Caring for Kids, as well as all of the other food banks and feeding ministries in Cullman County that the number of families coming in each month has been increasing (by) alarming numbers. Most of the local food banks fed nearly double their averages this past year from the previous year.”  

Due to this high volume of families needing food and more people coming to the food banks, Harbison said, food reserves are at critical lows right now across Cullman County’s food banks. 

“The increase in traffic for these food banks has left all of them very low on what they have available to give to those in need, and some say they are at historically low reserves right now,” he said.  

To combat this, the United Way will be hosting its first ever communitywide food drive. A list of drop-off locations can be found at www.uwaycc.org/community-food-drive. They include local grocery stores, churches and the United Way office. 

Businesses can contact the United Way at 256-739-2948 to arrange to receive donation boxes. The donations collected from the United Way community food drive will be distributed between all food banks, feeding ministries and pantries across Cullman County.  

For more information on the United Way communitywide food drive, visit www.uwaycc.org/community-food-drive  or call 256-739-2948.