General Election: Incumbents, Republicans reign in local, state races 

Cullman County Courthouse (Cullman Tribune file photo)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman County voters, along with those across the country, returned to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 8, to have their voices heard and votes counted. As predicted, incumbents reigned supreme as the votes were tallied. 

Rep. Corey Harbison, R-Good Hope, won his battle with Democratic challenger James Fields. Harbison shared with The Cullman Tribune, “I would like to thank everyone who turned out to vote today. It’s an honor for me to serve the citizens of Cullman County. I look forward to continuing to work for you for the next four years.” 

Gov. Kay Ivey, along with incumbent Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth took victories handily to retain their seats. Attorney General Steve Marshall and U.S. Robert Aderholt, R-Alabama will renew their terms. 

Republican Katie Britt won the seat of longtime Republican Alabama U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby, who retired. She defeated Democratic challenger Will Boyd and Libertarian challenger John Sophocleus. 

Sen. Garlan Gudger, R- Cullman, ran unopposed and will serve another four years in the Alabama Senate. “I am honored to be elected to my second term as your state senator,” Gudger said. “I have worked hard over the past four years to make sure you have a strong voice in Montgomery, and I promise I’ll continue to fight to keep District 4, and Alabama, moving forward.” 

Cullman County’s incoming Republican district attorney, Champ Crocker, commented, “Cullman County is a special place, and I am honored that our citizens would entrust me with the office of district attorney.  I appreciate all those who welcomed me into their communities, businesses and homes over the past 13 months. We were blessed with supporters and volunteers who believed in our message, and I cannot thank them enough.  I am most grateful to my wife, Emily, and our sons, Henry and Charles, for being there every step of the way. I will be building my staff over the next several weeks and looking forward to serving the people when my term begins in January.” 

Local Amendment 1, regarding the election of the Cullman County School Superintendent position, passed despite Shane Barnette, the current superintendent, and the Cullman County Schools online presence lobbying local voters to vote against the amendment. The public will have the opportunity to vote for the district’s superintendent position in two years. 

Local Amendment 2, concerning the county revenue commissioner’s term, passed as well, making the term of office six years beginning on Dec. 1, 2026.   

Uncontested seats went to: 

  • District Attorney, 32nd Judicial Circuit  
  • Champ Crocker, R 
  • District Court Judge, Cullman County, Place 1  
  • Chad Floyd, R  
  • Cullman County Coroner  
  • Jeremy Kilpatrick, R  
  • Cullman County Commission, District 1  
  • Kerry Watson, R  
  • Cullman County Commission, District 2  
  • Garry Marchman, R  
  • Cullman County Commission, District 3  
  • Kelly Duke, R  
  • Cullman County Commission, District 4  
  • Corey Freeman, R  
  • Cullman County Sheriff  
  • Matt Gentry, R 
  • State Representative, District 11  
  • Randall Shedd, R 
  • Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Place 6  
  • Kelli Wise, R  
  • Member, State Board of Education, District 6  
  • Marie Manning, R 
  • State Representative, District 14  
  • Timothy Wadsworth, R  
  • Cullman County Board of Education, Fairview, District 2  
  • Shane Rusk, R  
  • Cullman County Board of Education, Hanceville, District 4  
  • Kenny Brockman, R  
  • Cullman County Board of Education, Vinemont, District 6  
  • Mike Graves, R  
  • Cullman County Board of Education, Good Hope, District 7  
  • Kerry Neighbors, R 

Contested seat winners include: 

  • Secretary of State  
  • Wes Allen, R  
  • State Treasurer  
  • Young Boozer, R  
  • State Auditor  
  • Andrew Sorrell, R  
  • Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries  
  • Rick Pate, R  
  • Public Service Commission, Place 1  
  • Jeremy Oden, R, Incumbent  
  • Public Service Commission, Place 2  
  • Chip Beeker, R  
  • Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Place 5  
  • Greg Cook, R 

At the time of reporting, with 38% of statewide ballots counted, it appears that all statewide amendments, including the proposed change in verbiage to the Constitution of Alabama, have passed. 

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