Beloved meteorologist calls for prayers for wife

Holly Pond native Jason Simpson’s wife suffers medical emergency

Jason and Lacey Simpson (contributed)

HOOVER, Ala. – Lacey Simpson, wife of Holly Pond native and WVTM-13 meteorologist Jason Simpson, suffered a traumatic medical emergency last week while shopping at the family’s local Publix at Valleydale Village in Hoover. Lacey Simpson collapsed, hit her head and was unresponsive.  

Jason Simpson was heading to the newsroom to cover the imminent tornado watch on Tuesday, Oct. 25, when he received a call from Lacey Simpson’s cell phone. He answered what he thought was his wife’s call with his usual “yes ma’am.” Instead of her voice on the other end of the call, it was a stranger with concerning news. 

The manager at Publix informed Simpson as calmly and kindly as possible that Lacey Simpson had fallen and was not responding and that Hoover Fire Department paramedics were en route. Simpson made it to his wife’s side while the paramedics were working on her and before she was even transported to the hospital. 

Over an hour later, she began waking in her bed in the emergency room and was confounded about what happened. After receiving care, she was able to return home to rest and heal. Additional medical testing is being done on an outpatient basis by physicians who are invested in her long-term health. 

Simpson shared with The Cullman Tribune, “God blessed us with great neighbors, friends and family, rushing to help however they could. We’ve only been back in Birmingham for a few months, but the families on our street took care of us like we’d known them for 20 years. We also appreciate all of the prayers for Lacey and our family!” 

The compassionate staff at Publix, Valleydale Church and the Simpsons’ new neighbors are high on the family’s gratitude list today. 

Simpson covets prayers for his family, including children Shelby, Brody and Walt, as they continue to nurture Lacey Simpson on her path to full recovery. 

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