Cullman City Council updates 2 ordinances

Cullman City Hall (Tribune file photo)

CULLMAN, Ala. – At its meeting on Oct. 24, Cullman City Council updated two ordinances, bringing them up to date with the city’s growing population and needs. Ordinance 2023-02 provides detailed instructions for the issuance of special events permits. The second ordinance, 2022-31, redefines zoning ordinances including event venues, kennels, medical cannabis dispensaries and event venues. 

Of the special events permit ordinance update, Luke Satterfield, attorney with the City of Cullman, said, “Our current ordinance was written in 1960, and has not been updated since its original passage.  Since this time, the city alone has grown nearly double in its population, become more diverse in its populous, voted to allow for alcohol sales, seen a large increase in special events and attracted some extremely large events as well. These large, special events which require permitting also require increased public safety and public works services of the City.   

“This ordinance is intended to establish reasonable time, place and manner regulations for the use of public property characterized as traditional public forums. The regulations are designed to be content neutral, narrowly tailored to serve significant governmental interests and to leave open ample alternative channels for communications of information.  We have to adapt and change as our town grows in order to preserve our constitutional rights while ensuring continued public safety.” 

The ordinance aims to “preserve and protect the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment of the United States and Alabama Constitutions and to provide for the safe and orderly use of public property, for both First Amendment activity and activity that is not protected by the First Amendment, this article is intended to establish reasonable time, place, and manner regulations for the use of public property characterized as traditional public forums” according to its summary. 

It goes on to read, “The regulations are also intended to coordinate multiple uses of limited space; assure preservation of public facilities and improvements; prevent dangerous, unlawful, or impermissible uses of public property; protect the public safety; ensure that City resources are deployed efficiently and effectively; provide for fees and cost recovery; address secondary harms; and authorize and establish objective standards in the administration of this article.” 

A downloadable link of the updated special events ordinance is listed here:

Ordinance 2022-31 defines the zoning perimeters of medical cannabis dispensing sites along with event venues used for conferences, weddings and other events including catering areas and storage. Gyms, fitness centers and health clubs are defined as for-profit, indoor facilities where exercise and physical activities are held for socialization, recreational use and health. Lastly, kennels are indoors and used for training, boarding or harboring dogs and cats and may perform grooming services. Outdoor boarding is not allowed. 

A downloadable link of the updated zoning ordinance is listed here:

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