‘I want to be someone the girls can look up to’: Cold Springs’ Madison Perdue looking to lead during senior year

Cold Springs’ Madison Perdue. (Courtesy of Madison Perdue)

BREMEN, Ala. — Another cheer season is underway and for Cold Springs senior Madison Perdue, she’s had a blast cheering with a great group of girls and has learned so much during her time as a cheerleader so far.

“It’s been such a great experience. It has been so much fun, having such a variety of girls on the team. Everyone brings something different, and everyone serves a purpose. We have really grown as a team over the summer, and I am so excited to see how much progress we make by the end of the season,” Perdue said. “I’ve been cheering since I was in first grade. The biggest thing I have taken away from cheering is the thought that we are a team. Everyone brings something different to the table and everyone matters. Cheerleading is supposed to be about leading the community in supporting our teams.”

She added,

“Cold Springs is lucky in the way that our community is so small. Because we are so close, everyone comes out to support each other. It has been a great environment, cheering in front of people who you know care about the cheerleaders as well as the players.”

Cold Springs has a new cheer coach this season in Mrs. Adrian Dickerson and Madison has already taken away so much from her so far.

“Mrs. Dickerson is so much fun. As a team, we have so much respect for her. We listen to what she tells us and the thing that she tells us the most is to have fun. One thing I have taken away from her coaching is if we are not having fun, no one else will. And while this heavily applies to cheer, I think this is true in everything. I have really taken everything to heart, and it has helped me in a multitude of things outside of cheer.” Perdue said. “She has taught us several cheers and dances that she used to do when she cheered. My favorite thing that she has taught us so far is our new band dance, ‘To Dump.”

Cold Springs has a lot of experienced cheerleaders back this season and will have some new cheerleaders on the squad as well. Madison and the rest of the upperclassmen have taught the younger cheerleaders so much so far and she’ll be one of the leaders this year.

“The most important thing to teach the new cheerleaders is spirit. It is hard to be peppy and full of energy all the time, but it is key to be a good cheerleader. One of my main goals this year is to always be what I expect out of our team. I do not expect the girls to do something I am not doing. I really want to stay on top and that means be sharp, be loud, smile, and be peppy. If I am doing all of this stuff, it will push the other girls to be better.”

Madison worked on a lot of things during the summer, and she’s set some goals for her and the team.

“I’ve been working really hard to get in better shape, so I do not get winded as easy. Yelling and moving all the time really takes it out of you. It has also helped me build muscle for stunts and jumps. I’ve been working on my projection and flexibility as well,” she said. “My goal this year is to be remembered as a team leader. I want to be someone the girls can look to, even after I graduate. I would love to be All-County. The team’s goal this year is to bring the community closer together and to empower our players to keep going, even when the game is hard. We are also working really hard for the county championship, and we hope to win.”

Madison talked about what will make this cheerleading squad special to watch this year. She has soaked up so much from the upperclassmen before her and she talked about who her biggest inspiration was growing up.

“One thing I think is really special is that every girl is a leader in their own way. Of course, we have team leaders, but every girl works hard and that has helped them lead others outside the team. Everyone on this team goes out of their way to make sure that the crowd is having fun and that the players know they have a whole community supporting them,” she said. “I have had the opportunity to cheer with some amazing girls. They all have different characteristics that make them unique as a cheerleader. The most important thing that my upperclassmen did for me was bring me out of my shell and really pushed me to be a better leader for our school.”

She added,

“Growing up, my biggest inspiration for cheerleading was my mom. She went to Cold Springs and was captain. My mom showed me her old routines and when she would tumble, it made me want to be just like her. She was my cheer coach from second-fifth grade and led us to two placements in the top three and a win my fifth-grade year. When I think of cheerleading, my mind immediately goes to her. She will always be the best in my mind.”

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