‘Always put God first’: Cold Springs’ Hayla Watson ready for sophomore season

Cold Springs’ Hayla Watson. (Andrew Knedlik/Needle on the Run Photography)

BREMEN, Ala. — Cold Springs put together yet another great track and cross-country season last year and Sophomore Hayla Watson is excited to build on that success and work toward becoming an even better runner this year.

“This past year in track has shown me that no matter what you face, there will always be someone there to help you. We all grew together as a team and as a family. My favorite thing from the team I was on last year that we made sure not to forget was that we hold a legacy for those who come after us,” Watson said. “This past year in track will help me this year by making sure to leave the place better than we found it and to always get back up if you fall and help someone up if they need it.”

She added,

“Track is a challenging sport alone and you need others there to help you. That’s why I love our track team because everyone is so supporting to the other athletes on the team. It will also help me teach new athletes to always put God first and to always do the right thing when no one is watching. Doing that is what our program focuses on the most.”

Hayla has been running for coach Casey Howell since seventh grade and has learned so much from him so far.

“Coach Howell is a great coach. My seventh-grade year, I had no intentions on running and when he came up to me and told me about it, I decided to give it a try. It was his first year at Cold Springs when I started, but he definitely belongs there. He pushes us to our full potential, and we thank him for all of our accomplishments,” Watson said. “What I have learned from him is that we can do anything we put our minds to. He has always taught us to put God first and that He is always with us when we are going through hard times.”

Hayla has soaked up so much from the upperclassmen before her and she has set some big goals for herself and the team.

“The upperclassmen have taught me all the unwritten rules to being on a Cold Springs track/cross-country team such as our legacy and how many people always have their eyes on us. We always have to do the right things. They are all so welcoming and I hope to be like them some day,” she said. “My individual goals are to put God first, get 4’4″ on high jump, and to make qualifying in 100 m and 300 m hurdles. Our team goals are to put God first, grow closer as a team, win county, win sections, win state, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep.”

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