Cullman County Youth Football season set to kick off Saturday

This year’s Cullman County Youth Football season will kick off Saturday morning. (Katie Drummond/The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. — The 2022 Cullman County Youth Football season is upon us once again and nine local teams will tee it up and kick things off Saturday morning. They’ll compete for two months before the regular seasons concludes and the top four teams in each division advance to the postseason. Check below for this season’s schedule.

Week One (August 20):

Holly Pond at Cold Springs (9 a.m.)

Hanceville at Cullman Bearcats (4 p.m.)

Good Hope at Cullman Cyclones (9 a.m.)

Vinemont at West Point (4 p.m.)

Week Two (August 27):

Cullman Bearcats at Holly Pond (9 a.m.)

Fairview at Vinemont (4 p.m.)

West Point at Good Hope (4 p.m.)

Cullman Cyclones at Hanceville (9 a.m.)

Week Three (September 3):

Cold Springs at Cullman Bearcats (9 a.m.)

Holly Pond at Cullman Cyclones (9 a.m.)

Hanceville at West Point (4 p.m.)

Good Hope at Fairview (4 p.m.)

Week Four (September 10):

West Point at Holly Pond (4 p.m.)

Cullman Cyclones at Cold Springs (4 p.m.)

Vinemont at Good Hope (9 a.m.)

Fairview at Hanceville (9 a.m.)

Week Five (September 17):

Cullman Bearcats at Cullman Cyclones (9 a.m.)

Cold Springs at West Point (9 a.m.)

Holly Pond at Fairview (4 p.m.)

Hanceville at Vinemont (4 p.m.)

Week Six (September 24):

Vinemont at Holly Pond (4 p.m.)

Fairview at Cold Springs (9 a.m.)

West Point at Cullman Bearcats (9 a.m.)

Good Hope at Hanceville (4 p.m.)

Week Seven (October 1):

Cullman Cyclones at West Point (9 a.m.)

Cullman Bearcats at Fairview (4 p.m.)

Cold Springs at Vinemont (9 a.m.)

Holly Pond at Good Hope (4 p.m.)

Week Eight (October 8):

Hanceville at Holly Pond (4 p.m.)

Good Hope at Cold Springs (9 a.m.)

Vinemont at Cullman Bearcats (4 p.m.)

Fairview at Cullman Cyclones (9 a.m.)

Week Nine (October 15):

West Point at Fairview (4 p.m.)

Cullman Cyclones at Vinemont (9 a.m.)

Cullman Bearcats at Good Hope (4 p.m.)

Cold Springs at Hanceville (9 a.m.)

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