Library celebrating Harry Potter’s birthday July 29

Cullman County Public Library main branch (Sara Gladney for the Cullman Tribune)

Birthday Party Friday, July 29, at 10 a.m. for all book lovers. The party was first held in 2019 and not held again until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Assistant Director Josie Harrington said, “During the pandemic we did a Harry Potter birthday parade in which we paraded around this block. We were dressed in costumes and had little goodie bags with coloring sheets and little wands. This year, now that the pandemic has wound down and because it has been so insanely hot, we are going to do it inside. Our plan is to have activities where people can make their own wands and also do a little craft where they can make their own dragon egg.”

All ages are welcome to attend. For the smallest children who may not be able to make the wands, there will be coloring sheets available. Harrington said people usually come dressed in costume, so many attendees are likely to show up dressed in their Hogwarts robes.

The Harry Potter book series has been influential worldwide since the first book’s initial release in 1997,  so the library plans to honor the series that has helped many children develop a love of reading.

“They are such popular books,” Harrington said. “Pretty much everyone at least knows of Harry Potter if they haven’t read it.”

Harrington said she is excited to see a big crowd and invited everyone to come out and join her staff in the wizarding world for the day. She said she hopes to have even more themed parties and learning/ social experiences for children next year.

“We’re looking at, in the future, maybe having a more standardized set of programs. We do have the same events annually, so in the future we may have more,” she said.

The community is also invited to the Cullman Library’s big book sale Saturday, Aug. 13. All books for sale will be 50 cents.