Flies from yesteryear: from the files of 1954 and 1937


From the files of 1954:

Marie Peinhardt was chosen Cullman County’s first Dairy Maid, in the contest held Friday at Klein’s creamery. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Peinhardt.

The recent school census for Cullman County and Cullman City shows a total of 13,063, in ages 6to 21. Of this number, 1,752 are within the City limits of Cullman and 11,311 in the county.

Cullman High School teachers will be Allen Hyatt – Principal, Elberta Bailey, Mrs. Mabel Bailey, N.P. Bartlett, Oba Belcher, Mrs. Claris Boaz, Frank Camp, H.H. Cornett, Mrs. Doris Cornett, Opal Cooper, Marion Caldwell, P.T. Hiett, Ida Jo DeVaughn, Mrs. Nila Gilbert, Hubert Gilbert, Mrs. Melvin Gladney, J.D. Hardeman, Mrs. Sue Hauk, Bonnie James, Sarah Jones, Jeanne Livingston, John Meadows, Mrs. Mary Isom, Helen Ringer, Mary Rice, Spencer Speegle, Charles Smith, Robert Smith, Doris Strickland, Mrs. Robert Stewart, John Tillman, Lula Mae Taylor, Don Williamson, Samuel Welborn, Homer Wesley, Barbara Wamp, Lollie Young and J.C. Harding.

East Elementary teachers are Robert Stewart – Principal, Mrs. Evelyn Buchanon, Mrs. Lillian Burgess, Mrs. Ruby Chapman, Mrs. Ruth D. Edwards, Ruth Graves, Mary L. Jackson, Mrs. Montez Ones, Mrs. Kathryn Mason, Mrs. Fronia Moore, Dorothy Miller, Frances McPherson, Leon Poole, Mrs. Marguerite Rigsby, Buena Scott, Mrs. Buena Thompson, Mrs. Opal Trapp, Mrs. Irene Teague, Mrs. Helen Vines and Bessie Mae Young.

West Elementary teachers are Felix Murrell – Principal, Lorene Bailey, Mrs. Peggy Belcher, Mrs. Helen Baker, Mrs. Eunice Burnette, Joan Curl, Sally Chumbly, Mrs. Estelle Hendrix, Mrs. Marie Livingston, Mrs. John Meadows, Martha Terry, Mae Tillery, Millinea Trousdale, Mrs. Virginia Smith and Mrs. Edith Wilkins.

From the files of 1937:

The officer of Cullman County Post Number 4 American Legion, for the ensuing year will be installed at the courthouse at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, on August 25.

The officers to be installed are Doctor

R.B. Dodson, commander, J.H. Morgan, first vice-commander, Heran J. Steward, second vice-commander, George Kramer, third vice-commander, T.A. Smith, adjutant, C.O. York, sergeant-at-arms, Terah B. Hare, post historian and R.B. Johnston, Chaplain.