‘Together in 1 House’—showcasing the musical soul of Alabama

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HANCEVILLE, Ala. – The Hanceville Civic Center is soon to host the songwriter showcase “Together in 1 House,” presented by David Vest with E320 Productions and Kimberly Nicholson with Nashville’s ArtistUp. The lineup of favorite local artists including Jesse Priest, and indy artists Justin & Tab, Emory Berrey, Daniel Harbison and Timothy Chandler, who will be performing at the Hanceville Civic Center on July 9 at 7:00 p.m.

The showcase was the brainchild of Vest who has produced and arranged hundreds of projects throughout the years for many successful artist and bands. He shared the story behind the development, saying, “For several years, I’ve wanted to bring the music back to Alabama. After the Muscle Shoals music scene moved into Nashville, the music changed. I have felt for years that there is a specific sound of the song writers and artists from Alabama. My goal is to capture that sound that is truly the musical soul of Alabama—those earthy roots that seem to come from the dirt and the river and create some amazing music.”

He continued, explaining, “I prayed about taking this leap of faith for two years before I even told anyone about it. With every step of this journey, I really felt like God would send to me everyone I would need to do this, and He has. It was difficult to choose what artist I wanted to move forward with first, but this pool of artists represents many different styles of music, and I just felt like they were the ones. Kimberly and I wanted to showcase these guys to the public as a way of showing what Alabama artists are doing right here in this state. These are your people. Let’s support them and grow their careers in music.”

Vest said that the talent at the showcase confirms that after his two years of prayer, he is doing what he is supposed to do. “I always wondered why God had put me on tours and sessions with some of the biggest artists in music. Now I know. It was to build relationships that will help in this endeavor.”

The artist sets will spotlight Single Releases for E320 Productions and ArtistUp. Justin & Tab will be releasing their debut album “Justin & Tab.” Jesse Priest’s newest album dropped this year, titled “Alabama Bloodline.” Daniel Harbison recently dropped his first single “All We Had.” Emory Berrey has recently released “Fall Apart” and Timothy Chandler will be releasing his first single “Queen of Montgomery” at the showcase.

“Not only are these artists talented musically, but their songs and lives are rich with stories that connect with their Fans. David Vest does an amazing job in the studio both capturing the Alabama sound as well as the sweet stories behind these songs. I can’t wait for fans to get a first listen to the single releases during ‘Together in 1 House,’” said ArtistUp’s Kimberly Nicholson.

Nicholson is Vest’s partner in the endeavor, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table. She was at Sony, Word and other labels in Nashville for years. Vest said, “It’s a great partnership. I record and produce the artist while her wheelhouse is development and marketing.”

As for why the team decided to host their grand event in the small town of Hanceville, Vest said, “Most of these artists come from the Cullman area where they have a following and Cullman doesn’t have an indoor venue large enough to house this type of showcase. This isn’t going to be your average show. We needed room and lots of it!”

Event tickets are $12 and can be purchased at EVENTBRITE or at artists’ live performances prior to the showcase. The best way to know where each artist is going to be performing is to check their Facebook page.

E320 Productions (www.e320studio.com) is an Alabama-based studio owned by Producer David Vest, and ArtistUp (https://www.artistupnashville.org/) is a Nashville-based indy artist development agency.

For more information about “Together in 1 House,” E320 Productions or ArtistUp, contact Kimberly Nicholson at 865-740-5092.

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