PREP FOOTBALL: Addison’s Roberts signs with Samford

Addison’s Christian Roberts signed to continue his football career at Samford University Monday. (Courtesy of Cindy Luker)

ADDISON, Ala. – On a cloudy, drizzly Monday with overcast skies, it was nothing but sunshine and rainbows in the Library of Addison High School. Senior Christian Roberts signed his letter to play football for the Samford Bulldogs. Christian, a three-year starter and All-State quarterback, had a highly productive high school career for the blue and gold Bulldogs of Addison. Christian will now take his talents to the navy and red of the Bulldogs of Samford.   Incidentally, his parents, Chris and Danna Roberts, both met and graduated at Samford.

Christian was happy about being able to continue his athletic career at his parents’ alma mater.  

“I knew I was going to continue my education at Samford regardless of athletics, but I started talking to Coach (Chris) Hatcher, Samford Head Coach, in March and one thing led to another and here we are,” Roberts said. “Coach Hatcher asked me if I was set on playing quarterback and I told him I would like to compete there but would be open to playing anywhere that would get me on the field quicker and where I could help the team the most. I believe to start with it could possibly be QB or OLB, that is what has been talked about the most.”

Christian thanked his parents, family, friends, teammates and Coaches but most of all he thanked his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving him the opportunity to excel on the athletic field, life, as well as the classroom. Christian was especially thankful to his family and Pastor for helping him get through an injury plagued senior season. Not only the physical obstacles but the mental as well. 

“I just know that I could have never made it back on the field without the help of all the people that gave their time and effort to assist me, and I am thankful to each and every one of them.”

Christian’s Father, Chris was elated at the opportunity that his son will have playing for Samford.  

“I am so proud of Christian at not just the athlete and student but as the man that he has turned out to be,” Chris said. “He has faced adversity and with the help of God he has risen to each and every challenge that has been placed before him. We, as a family, believe that God puts you in positions to succeed and it is up to you to do what is necessary to achieve success at whatever you do. Christian has a tremendous attitude, work ethic and a strong foundation in Christ so his mother and I know that in a Christian environment like Samford he will have the best opportunity to succeed.”

Christian finishes his career at Addison with several excellent achievements. He rushed and passed for over 2,000 yards each and scored 46 combined touchdowns.

Christian “Ice Man” Roberts is an excellent young man and is destined to succeed at Samford both athletically and more importantly academically. I am sure that politics are in his future and I for one, would gladly support him. Roberts for Governor 2040!!

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