The Link ‘sounds off sirens’ in honor of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month

Blue ribbons are on full display in honor of Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month (Sara Gladney for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Link of Cullman County hosted a Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention event on Friday, with many representatives from supporting organizations in Cullman present. The Good Samaritan Health Clinic, Cullman County Extension, Cullman Caring for Kids, Unsheltered International and District Attorney Wilson Blaylock were a part of the group that came to hear the “sounding of the sirens.” Captain Edward Potter, Victim Services coordinator at the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, sounded his sirens at noon for a moment of remembrance of the children of abuse whose cries were not heard.

The Link also gave out Forget-Me-Not seeds to attendees to encourage remembrance of the reality of child abuse victims every time the flowers are seen. Julie Hall of the Link stated, “Every time you look at those Forget-Me-Nots, you remember that someone needs to hear about child abuse prevention.”

Hall continued, “We really want to do our part to raise awareness in our community of how prevention works, and one of the ways is if you see something, say something, but also it works by providing resources to parents and building their confidence up to be protectors. If we can help them become emotionally resilient when things go wrong, they have the skills to manage and cope with those big emotions. Then they are better able to protect and care for their children.”

The Link’s Parenting and Fatherhood classes will be beginning a new term in April. They also provide safe spaces for visitation for parents who are divorced or have any other issue which requires monitored visits. The Link in always in need of volunteers to work their food pantry, teach anger management and parenting classes. Volunteers are trained to facilitate the different classes.

“We just want everyone in the community to be partners and to work together. It’s a terrible thing, so the more aware we are, the better we can help others be aware,” said Hall.

(Sara Gladney for The Cullman Tribune)

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