CPD FTO’S looking at hourly rate increase

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CULLMAN, Ala. – The Cullman Police Department Field Training Program consists of eight officers who have received advanced training to provide experience, guidance and supervision according to the CPD. 

Sergeant Joey Duncan said the new officer (rookie) will develop the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to become a professional and productive solo police officer through this training. 

“A Cullman Police Field Training officer must attend an advanced (40) Field Training Operator Course to become certified as an FTO,” Duncan said. “Once an officer is FTO certified, they will be assigned a new officer (rookie).”

Duncan said a newly hired officer with no prior law enforcement experience or with less than two years of experience with another agency must complete the 14-week field training program. The recruit must score a 90% or greater on their tests. 

“When I met with Human Resources, Legal and the City Clerk about discussing the field training program, they had the idea,” Duncan said. “After learning about all the extra work a field training officer does with our department, they recommended an incentive. I just wanted to thank Mayor Jacobs, Council President Jenny Folsom, Councilman Johnny Cook, Councilman David Moss and Councilman Clint Hollingsworth for approving this incentive. This approved incentive will boost morale and ensure our field training program is second to no one among law enforcement agencies.”

According to the CPD, recruit officers who are lateral hires and have two or more years as an A.P.O.S.T. certified officer with another agency can be qualified to enter the expedient FTEP. The expedient FTEP will consist of four phases. Phases one, two and three will be 86 hours each and must score a 90% or greater on tests. Phase four (evaluation phase) will only be 48 hours, and the recruit must score a 90% or greater on tests.

It was reported that during this training, several areas are covered including: CPD policy, use of force, traffic crashes, vehicle pursuits, burglary and robbery investigations, death investigations, evidence collection, sexual assaults, domestic violence incidents, criminal and traffic laws, handling mentally ill persons, bomb threat calls, officer-involved shootings, etc.

“The goal of the CPD Field Training Program is to train a new officer to the best of the FTO’s ability so that the new officer can serve the citizens of Cullman in a professional and knowledgeable capacity.”

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