Files from yesteryear: From the files of 1950


Mrs. Jess Latham and Mrs. Homer Pike spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. Tom Waldrop at Concord.

Betty Loyd of Mountain View and William McDermic were married on Saturday.

Sandra Taylor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Taylor is ill with the mumps.

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Sinyard, Jerry and Judy and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Speegle and Dale spent Sunday evening with the Leonard Woodards at Guthery’s Crossroads.

It rained 24 days in January. The warm weather and rain have caused a great deal of meat spoilage.

Reverend J.T. Farmer has a new car.

Those spotted eating together last weekend were Sharon Howard and Bryce Sterling, Martha Jane Christopher and Dane Estes, Betty Hooten and George Hamrick, Ruth Hasenbein and Charles Lee, Mary Lois Willingham and Bill Lovelady, Jackie Speegle and Wendell Copeland and Joyce Glasscock and Willie Burmester.

Cullman defeated Arab, 54 to 38. Elwin Robinson scored 19 points, Childs 7, Bobby Joe Blalock 7, Asa Blalock 3 and Bob Dahlke 4.

Mrs. Arthur Karter hosted a 82nd birthday party for Mrs. J.R. Woodard on February 2.

Mr. and Mrs. Tignal Holmes and Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Gibbs, Junior will spend the weekend in Birmingham with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jones.

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Weeks and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ruel and families visited Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile last weekend.

Mrs. Alec Bland, Mrs. Fred Meadows and Mrs. Paul Meadows entertained on Tuesday afternoon with a miscellaneous shower at the home of Mrs. J.C. Grantham, honoring bride-elect, Jean Grantham.

Mrs. G.C. Basenberg and Mrs. Carter Gibbs spent Thursday in Birmingham.

Mrs. Will Rowe has been ill at her home.