Real-life superhero at Cullman Primary School

Alison Bates / Cullman Primary School

CULLMAN, Ala. – A first-grade student in Mrs. Allison Bates’ class at Cullman Primary School will be a stem cell donor this week for his younger brother, who was born with severe sickle cell disease. Azrael Coleman is a 100% match for his 5-year-old brother, Kasseus, who will receive the potentially life-saving bone marrow transplant this week. Azrael, while only 7 years old, realizes the surgery is very important for his brother. “It will change his life. There’s lots of things he’s never gotten to do,” Azrael said.

To celebrate Azrael’s bravery, his first-grade class hosted a surprise superhero-themed party in his honor. The students wore superhero capes and provided gifts for Azrael and his family. Mrs. Allison Bates said, “The outpouring of support for Azrael and his family has been incredible to see. These students and their families were moved by his courage and generously donated to this family. We all want Azrael to know just how much we love and support him.”  

The class would like to thank Chick-fil-a Cullman for providing the class with kids’ meals, Magnolia Monograms for printing the superhero capes and Desperation Church for sending Captain America to the party.