Wallace State’s Center for Career and Workforce Development forges first Truck Mechanic Registered Apprenticeship in partnership with ACTION Resources

Wallace State Diesel Technology: Pictured are, from left, WSCC Diesel Technology chair Jeremy Smith; Christina Holmes, Wallace State’s Apprenticeship and Work-Based Learning Coordinator; Anna P. Beard, Wallace State’s Diesel by Distance Project Coordinator; ACTION Resources’ Director of Maintenance Mike Schramm; Wallace State Diesel Technology instructor Daniel Swindall and Wes Rakestraw, Wallace State’s Dean of Applied Technologies. (Photo courtesy of WSCC)

HANCEVILLE, Ala. – Wallace State Community College’s Center for Career and Workforce Development has forged its first Truck Mechanic Registered Apprenticeship in partnership with ACTION Resources. This is the first competency-based Truck Mechanic program registered by the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship (AOA).

The champion company for this program, ACTION Resources, which has a facility in Hanceville and Birmingham and Mobile headquarters, is a specialized freight transportation provider, shipping bulk chemicals and hazardous waste, among other heavy haul cargo across the country. It’s also a national logistics and environmental services leader.    

Each academic year, ACTION Resources will select students from the Wallace State Diesel Technology program to serve as an apprentice at the facility, and Colby Quinn has been selected as the 2021 apprentice.

“This partnership is a huge opportunity for us as an employer, given the current market for technicians. There’s a shortage for technicians and skilled trades right now, and it’s imperative to get people engaged while they’re in college and invested in the trade,” said Mike Schramm, director of Maintenance for ACTION Resources.

Mike Schramm, director of maintenance for ACTION Resources, provides a rundown of his company to Wallace State’s Diesel Technology students.(Photo courtesy of WSCC)

“We want to instill our company values through this apprenticeship and hope the students evolve into technicians for us for a long time. We’re excited to begin with one student and look forward to expanding it in the future.”

Wallace State’s Diesel Technology program is fresh off the launch of its Diesel by Distance program, and the Truck Mechanic apprenticeship provides another valuable opportunity for students to earn and learn through the Diesel by Distance method.

“This apprenticeship guarantees training on the job, as well as college training at our facility. This program is here to produce employable and skilled workers. Our industry partners know they can count on Wallace State to fill technician needs,” said Jeremy Smith, Wallace State’s Diesel Technology department chair.

Through registered apprenticeships, Wallace State students are eligible to have their tuition, books and other program needs paid for while also earning a college degree and a livable wage.

Schramm added he’s been impressed with the current Wallace State graduates working at ACTION.

“They have a good grasp and comprehension of the competencies that’s needed inside our facility. They’re fantastic employees,” Schramm said.

Multiple employers are signing up to join the Truck Mechanic Registered Apprenticeship coalition, which will provide additional apprenticeship opportunities for Wallace’s State’s Diesel Technology students.

For more information about ACTION Resources, visit https://www.actn.com/www

For more information about apprenticeships and other work-based learning programs at Wallace State, contact Christina Holmes at 256-352-8120 or christina.holmes@wallacestate.edu.

Wallace State’s Diesel Technology students are highly sought while in the program and after they graduate.(Photo courtesy of WSCC)