COVID-19 Halloween safety tips for 2021

(Photo from Yahoo!)

COLUMBUS, OH – Recently, the Columbus Department of Health released a list of tips on how to make trick-or-treating and other Halloween festivities safer for participants of all ages. As the second holiday season during the COVID-19 pandemic approaches for everyone, there are always ways to be on the lookout to help one another.

For those planning on trick-or-treaters this year, it is advised to stay home if anyone is sick or displaying symptoms of COVID-19. Face masks are encouraged, exempting children under two years old and individuals with medical exceptions. When wearing a face mask, ensure it covers the entire nose and mouth area. Maintaining a social distance of at least six feet from other individuals or groups is encouraged.

Trick-or-treating is encouraged with individuals who share the same household. Avoid clustered doors and areas until the space has cleared of people and can be entered without extreme close contact. Large parties or indoor gatherings should be avoided; however, outdoor activities are encouraged. Bring hand sanitizer to use between stops and only fully take wrapped candy or treats.

For treat givers, it’s recommended not to give out candy if anyone in the household feels sick or has symptoms of COVID-19. It is best to designate one individual to hand out candy. When wearing a face mask, put it on before opening the door and ensure it covers the entire nose and mouth area. Putting treats into individual baggies and laying them out instead of putting them in a large bowl can minimize cross contact between trick-or-treaters.

It is advised for both trick-or-treaters and treat givers to receive a flu vaccine by at least two weeks before Halloween, and keep hands washed frequently. Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween!

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