New pavilion at South Vinemont Sports Complex dedicated to Tyler Walker at ceremony

(Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

VINEMONT, Ala. – The new pavilion at the South Vinemont Sports Complex was dedicated to Tyler Walker at a ceremony held this past Saturday. Walker, who funded the materials needed for the pavilion, and his daughter Brooklyn were killed when the plane he was piloting crashed shortly after takeoff from Cullman Regional Airport on January 5, 2020.  

Mayor Radginal Dodson called Walker a “visionary” due to the many contributions he made to the town of South Vinemont. Dodson added, “Tyler actually paid for the pavilion. All we did was provide the labor. It was brought up before the council and Tyler jumped up and said, ‘If y’all will put the pavilion up, I’ll pay for it.’”  

Walker wanted the families at the ballpark to have a place to eat while watching ball games. Finding a spot to place the pavilion took some time but the project had been completed to his death.  

It was suggested by Walker’s good friend and local businessman, Jeremy Harbison, that his late friend be honored in some way. A plaque was designed by Jeremy and his wife, Angela. Dodson said, “We went to Jeremy to make sure the plaque was done in a way that would make the family happy and us happy. They did a great job.”  

Walker’s family and friends attended the ceremony Saturday morning along with the mayor and town council as the plaque was unveiled.  

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